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Agile Co-Creation Leadership

HKD 4,800.00

Certified Agile Co-Creation Leadership Workshop
Duration: 1 day
Language: English / Putonghua / Cantonese
Remote live instructor-led interactive certification training

Additional Information

Job family

Business, Product, Process, Project


Business Owner, HR People Ops, Product Manager, Product Owner, Transformation Agent, Team Manager/Leader, Enterprise Agile Coach, Mutli-Team Agile Coach, Scrum Master /Team Agile Coach, Project Manager, Program Manager, Portfolio Manager

Competence Level


Workshop Category

Agile Leadership

Workshop Description

How do you foster innovation in your organization? How do you collaborate to achieve more together, in cross-functional teams, breaking up silos across departments, no matter where you are located?

In the Agile Co-Creation Leadership Workshop, a follow up after you learned about the principles and practices in the Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop, you will learn what it means to work agile. Moreover, what differentiates doing agile from being agile.

You will leave with knowledge on what it takes to collaborate post-pandemic. Learn about hybrid teams working from anywhere in mixed set-ups. And learn how this can be to your advantage, when designed right. You will be introduced to the Management 3.0 innovation guidelines and how to structure better meetings that make a difference.

The Management 3.0 Agile Co-Creation Leadership Workshop is one out of four official follow-up workshops. The aim of these workshops is to gain new perspectives and tools to broaden your impact in your organization, to support the Agile transformation as a leader and change agent. For a holistic learning experience also attend these workshops: Agile Team Leadership, Agile People Leadership, Agile Change Leadership

Agile co-creation leadership

Learning Objectives

After active participation in all sessions, at the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Describe the difference between doing and being agile
  • Define how to leverage creativity for you and your organization
  • Leverage cross-functional team setup and hybrid collaboration to foster innovation in your organization
  • Facilitate meetings that don’t suck, but actually add value for all.

Topics covered

  • Agile Product Development
    • What is agile for you, and why is it perceived as a buzzword by some people?
    • How do the Scrum values support your way of working?
    • How does an agile way of working impact management and leadership?
  • Remote & Hybrid Collaboration
    • Why do we need to design a hybrid work model and want to move away from the office anyway?
    • What would the perfect hybrid work model look like for your company and team?
    • How can we create a great hybrid work culture and psychological safety in hybrid environments?
  • Creativity & Innovation
    • Does every team in your organization need to be creative and innovative, or are there parts where this is not needed?
    • Can you grow innovation and creativity by sharing more with the world, or is this a contradiction?
    • How does creativity and innovation connect to the Management 3.0 principles?
  • Better Meetings
    • What is the best meeting you ever attended, and what made it a great experience?
    • How do in-person meetings compare to online meetings?
    • Why are some organizations addicted to meetings, what could be the reason for this?

Practices Introduced

  • Persona Collab Cards
  • Team Agreement Canvas
  • Feedback Lottery
  • Exploration Days
  • Internal Crowdfunding
  • Work Profiles


The Foundation Workshop and the Agility in HR Workshop is where you learn the essential pillars and tools of Management 3.0. It is required that you attend one of these before attending the Agile Co-Creation Leadership Workshop. This is a follow-up workshop which leverages the full potential of the initial training.

Professional Development Units (PDUs)

Professional Development Units (PDUs)

  • Attendees may be eligible to apply for 8 PDUs toward their continuing education requirements with the Project Management Institute (PMI) for PMP®, PgMP®, and PMI-ACP® certifications.

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