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Agilizing, including its subsidiaries and international affiliates, collectively referred to as “Agilizing,” “us,” “we,” or “our,” is committed to safeguarding and managing individuals’ personal data (Personal Data) in order to operate efficiently and effectively for the benefit of our stakeholders, vendors, customers, and the community. In order to ensure the protection of people’s privacy through lawful and appropriate handling of Personal Data, we have established this Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”).

2. AIM

The purpose of this Policy is to protect the Personal Data of all stakeholders connected to our organization. It is intended to educate individuals about the core principles that guide the processing of Personal Data for those who visit, use, engage with, and transact through the website, including guest users and browsers (referred to hereinafter as “you” or “user”).


The aim of this Policy is to clarify Agilizing’s procedures for collecting, using, and sharing information gathered from users via our online platforms, including our website ( Additionally, it seeks to provide insight into our data security measures, transfer protocols, and procedures for managing data subject requests. It governs all aspects of our information systems, involving board members, directors, employees, and third parties with access to Personal Data within Agilizing. Moreover, we are dedicated to ensuring that all staff members adhere to this Policy and associated guidelines. When third parties handle Personal Data on behalf of Agilizing, we endeavor to secure assurances from them regarding the consistent protection of your Personal Data. Agilizing offers specially curated industry-relevant certification and training programs online (referred to as “Program” individually or collectively). This Policy applies to all our services unless otherwise stated.


The categories of Personal Data we collect from you vary based on several factors, such as your interaction with us, the products or services you utilize, your location, and relevant laws. This Personal Data is stored in either personnel files or electronic records managed by Agilizing. The following types of Personal Data may be retained by Agilizing, as appropriate, for relevant individuals:

A. Personal Identification Data

      • First Name, Last name

      • Job title & Company

    B. Contact Data

        • Email address

        • Phone number

      C. Education and Recruitment Data

          • Educational qualification(s)

          • Working goals

          • Post-qualification experience

        D. Electronic Identification Data

            • Visitors IP Data

            • Date and time of website visit

            • Pages visited and navigation on the website

            • Browser being used

            • County of accessing website

            • Language of the browser being used

            • Words searched for

            • Pixel tags

          E. Inquiries

              • Personal Data stated in the form – for example: Name, address, phone number, country

              • Subject of Inquiry

              • Information about your interactions with customer service and maintenance interactions with us.

            F. Marketing Data

                • Your preferences in receiving marketing information from us

                • Your communication preferences

              G. Behavioural Data

                • Data inferred or assumed information relating to your behavior and interests based on your online activity on our sites
                • We do not collect any payment information processed by third-party payment gateway providers.


                Agilizing collects Personal Data directly from users or through our websites. This information is gathered when you register for seminars, webinars, or other outreach programs, request quotes for products or services, provide feedback, complete customer surveys, or engage with our online customer services. Additionally, your data may be collected during website browsing or while accessing our online services. We may also receive Personal Data from third parties, such as access or login details, profile pictures, or related information. Pixel tags may be used to gather information about your visits to our platform and other websites. Third-party sources providing Personal Data include service providers, advertising partners, marketing affiliates, educational partners, analytics providers, recruiters, and others.

                6. COOKIES

                A. Agilizing employs cookies to improve user experience on our website by recognizing users, analyzing website and service performance, and enhancing the delivery of our services and products.

                B. Our website utilizes various types of cookies, including persistent cookies to enhance user experience, session cookies to track internet usage, analytical/performance cookies to analyze website traffic, functionality cookies to remember user preferences, and targeting cookies to customize content based on user interests.

                C. Users can manage cookies by adjusting browser settings to refuse or delete them. However, disabling certain cookies may affect website features. Links are provided for guidance on blocking and deleting cookies in different browsers. Opt-out mechanisms rely on cookies, so changes in devices or browsers may require repeating the process. Opting out of interest-based ads only affects personalized ads, not all ads.

                7. DATA ANALYTICS

                We utilize Analytics tools and search information providers like Google Analytics and Facebook Custom Audiences to measure user engagement with our website content. Further information regarding the use of such technologies by these services can be found on Google’s and Facebook’s respective websites.

                If you wish to prevent the collection of data about your website visits through Google Analytics, you can opt-out by installing the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on. Likewise, you can opt out of Facebook Custom Audiences by visiting Facebook’s opt-out page.


                When entrusted to third parties, Agilizing ensures they provide assurances for the consistent protection of your Personal Data. We maintain responsibility for the processing, management, regulation, storage, and retention of all Personal Data, whether in manual records or digital formats.

                All Personal Data obtained and held by Agilizing will adhere to the following principles:

                    • Fair, lawful, and transparent processing

                    • Collection for specific, explicit, and legitimate purposes

                    • Adequacy, relevance, and limitation to necessary information

                    • Accuracy and currency, with prompt rectification of inaccuracies

                    • Limited retention duration, aligning with intended purposes

                    • Processing under appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, or damage

                    • Compliance with relevant laws and procedures for international data transfer applicable to us.


                  In some jurisdictions, we must have a lawful basis to justify the processing of your Personal Data. The basis relied upon by Agilizing for a particular processing activity may differ from that used for another activity.

                  10. CONSENT

                  We may seek your consent to collect and utilize specific types of Personal Data, as required by law. Upon obtaining consent, we are impliedly permitted to collect supplementary information necessary for the same purposes. Express consent will be sought for any new uses of your data. Consent may also be implied when users are provided with notice and a reasonable opportunity to opt out of certain uses. Individuals have the right to withhold or withdraw consent, except where exceptions apply. By using this website or acknowledging this Policy, you consent to the collection, storage, and processing of your Personal Data in accordance with this Policy and our Terms of Service. Refusal or withdrawal of consent may impact our ability to provide certain services.


                  We gather your Personal Data for a multitude of purposes, such as fulfilling the intentions for which the information was provided, managing and processing training progress, disseminating updates about Programs and events, offering chat room services, improving content quality, and ensuring adherence to security policies. Additionally, our purposes encompass legal compliance, survey conduct, account maintenance, decision-making regarding engagement or employment, handling disputes or investigations, monitoring system usage, guaranteeing network security, facilitating business management and planning, communication, enhancing safety measures, and enforcing terms and conditions.

                  12. ADVERTISING AND MARKETING

                  We are committed to providing you with options regarding the utilization of your Personal Data, particularly concerning marketing and advertising endeavors. You will receive marketing communications if you have requested information from us or explicitly consented to it. We may analyze your data to comprehend your preferences and interests, enabling us to customize our services and offerings accordingly. Furthermore, we collaborate with third parties to display advertisements across multiple platforms based on your interactions with our products. You have the freedom to opt-out of electronic direct marketing communications in each message received, and we will honor your decision.

                  13. DISCLOSURE OF PERSONAL DATA

                  At Agilizing, safeguarding the security of your Personal Data is paramount, and we hold all parties to stringent legal standards. Our third-party service providers are expressly forbidden from utilizing your Personal Data for their own purposes; they are solely authorized to process your data for specific purposes and in accordance with our instructions.

                  14. DATA SUBJECT RIGHTS

                  In various jurisdictions, individuals are granted specific rights regarding the handling of their Personal Data. Depending on applicable law, you may have the right to:

                      • Access your Personal Data

                      • Correct inaccuracies or omissions in your Personal Data

                      • Request deletion of your Personal Data

                      • Withdraw consent to processing

                      • Object to the processing of your Personal Data

                      • Request restrictions on processing

                      • Request the transfer of your Personal Data

                      • Opt-out of certain transfers

                      • Opt-out of automated decision making

                    To exercise these rights under applicable law, please contact us at We may need to verify your identity before fulfilling your request. Please note that our response and further processing may vary based on applicable law. We reserve the right to refuse requests that are unreasonable, impractical, or risk the privacy of others. Discrimination against you for exercising these rights is strictly prohibited. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with your local data protection authority.

                    15. Data Security

                    Agilizing is dedicated to upholding a robust level of security for Personal Data by implementing suitable technical and organizational measures, reinforced by privacy impact and risk assessments. These measures are aimed at preventing unlawful processing, unauthorized access, and accidental loss or damage to Personal Data, whether in manual or electronic form. Our security management policies and procedures are structured to prevent, detect, and rectify violations, with clearly defined responsibilities assigned to individuals and periodic risk assessments conducted. Employees are obligated to securely store and access confidential information, regularly verify data accuracy, and exercise caution when accessing computer systems. Personal Data should not be stored or transported on unauthorized devices, and non-compliance is met with appropriate sanctions. While similar data protection measures are enforced for our service providers and third parties, we cannot guarantee 100% security and are not accountable for any misuse or loss of Personal Data by third-party providers.

                    16. RECORDS MANAGEMENT

                    Records management involves a set of critical activities focused on efficiently handling the creation, distribution, utilization, upkeep, and disposal of recorded information, serving as evidence of business operations and transactions. Adherence to information laws relies on robust records management policies and procedures. These practices not only maintain the integrity of records but also ensure that Personal Data is retained only for as long as required for its original purpose, thereby facilitating data minimization efforts.


                    Agilizing is dedicated to maintaining thorough records of data processing in compliance with legal mandates. The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is tasked with overseeing data protection efforts and ensuring adherence to relevant legislation. The DPO maintains an up-to-date Data Processing Register, illustrating our commitment to upholding data protection principles across all operations. All staff members are expected to contribute to this endeavor, ensuring consistency between the Register and our practices. Our compliance with data protection policies and regulations is regularly monitored by an internal governance group. We provide training and supervision to all personnel handling Personal Data on behalf of Agilizing. The collection, storage, use, and sharing of Personal Data are subject to periodic reviews by the DPO, Governance Group, and relevant business units. We adhere to applicable codes of conduct and conduct Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) for processing activities posing a high risk to individuals’ rights and freedoms, consulting supervisory authorities as needed.

                    18. CONFLICTS OF LAW

                    This Policy is crafted to conform with the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction in which the company is headquartered and conducts its operations. Should any conflicts arise between this Policy and the relevant laws and regulations, the latter will supersede.

                    19. RETENTION OF PERSONAL DATA

                    We guarantee that your Personal Data is retained solely for the duration required to fulfill its intended purposes. The retention period is determined by the specific objectives of data collection and utilization, along with any legal obligations. Users are empowered to exercise the rights enumerated herein. Should an extension of the retention period be necessary, we will seek your consent. Moreover, we reserve the right to dispose of the data before the stipulated retention period if the original purpose of collection has been accomplished.

                    20. PROCEDURES

                    Agilizing has taken proactive measures to safeguard the Personal Data of relevant stakeholders, including:

                    ·       Appointing or hiring employees with specific responsibilities for data processing, control, and oversight, ensuring clear accountability.

                    ·       Providing comprehensive information and training to employees on the importance of data protection, confidentiality, and proper handling procedures.

                    ·       Maintaining detailed records of all Personal Data held, its sources, and sharing practices.

                    ·       Conducting regular risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities in data handling processes and mitigate potential security breaches.

                    ·       Obtaining individuals’ informed consent for the collection, use, sharing, and retention of their Personal Data, with clear procedures for obtaining and recording consent.

                    ·       Implementing effective mechanisms for detecting, reporting, and investigating suspected or actual Personal Data breaches, including compliance with reporting obligations to relevant supervisory authorities.

                    ·       Understanding and addressing the implications of international transfers of Personal Data.

                    These proactive steps ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and security of Personal Data in compliance with regulatory requirements and best practices.

                    21. BREACH NOTIFICATION

                    If a data breach occurs that could jeopardize individuals’ rights and freedoms, Agilizing will promptly report it to the relevant supervisory authority within 72 hours of becoming aware, potentially in multiple stages. Individuals will receive direct notification if the breach is likely to affect their rights and freedoms. If the breach requires public notification, Agilizing will promptly and transparently issue such notification.

                    22. EXTERNAL LINKS ON OUR WEBSITE

                    For your convenience, we may provide links to Third-Party Sites that we believe may interest you. However, we do not share your Personal Data with these sites unless we have a lawful basis to do so. While we do not endorse the privacy practices of these Third-Party Sites, we encourage you to review their policies to understand how they handle your data. We do not assume responsibility for the content or practices of any third-party services on these sites and recommend that you carefully review their terms of service.


                    This website belongs to Agilizing. Alongside our Terms of Use, this Policy regulates the use of the Platform and Programs offered by Agilizing. By accessing this website and its information, you consent to adhere to these Terms and Conditions, which include this Policy by reference.

                    24. UPDATES TO THIS POLICY

                    Agilizing reserves the right to periodically update our Policy. We will endeavor to inform all Agilizing entities, customers, business partners, and affected individuals about any changes by posting the revised Policy on this page and/or sending notifications via email.

                    25. DATA PROTECTION OFFICER

                    In adherence to applicable laws and regulations, the company has designated a Data Protection Officer. For queries or assistance concerning data protection, please reach out to:

                    Name: Paulino Kok

                    Email Address:

                    en_GBEnglish (UK)

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