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Trainer and Consultants Profiles


Paul Kok 郭安賢

Paulino KOK trainer info

Paul is a seasoned technologist with 30+ years working experiences in senior Asia Pacific regional IT leadership and management roles such as Enterprise Level Coach, Lean Agile Coaching Leader, Chief of Staff, Head of Strategic Initiatives, Services Management Director, PMO Director, Enterprise Architect, Business Analyst, Domain Technical Director in global matrix organized IT division of multinational enterprise listed in DJ30 and NASDAQ (e.g. Goldman Sachs, NIKE, Melco Resorts), with also entrepreneur experience in building startup companies with Lean Startup approach to start, run and grow a business.

Paul is now an independent consultant. Most recently serving as internal and external lean agile coach and trainer supporting directly CxOs, Managing Directors, Heads of Division, and senior executives to enable their agile transformation journey for enterprises in financial, banking, airline, hospitality, gaming, retail, property development, government authority, etc.

Developing and mentoring agile coaches and scrum masters for the agile community in Hong Kong and China. Expanding focus on coaching business owners and other different key roles in scaled agile context.

The first SPCT Candidate in Hong Kong co-delivered 3 classes of Implementing SAFe to certify SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs). He has been the SAFe Subject Matter Expert (SME) for SAFe Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) of v4.6 and v5.0, one of the dedicated groups of global SAFe SMEs who contributed in the LPM exam materials. Paul is also a Scaled Agile Framework for Lean Enterprise (SAFe) In-country Reviewer who shares and contributes SAFe knowledge and experience by producing high-quality translations in native languages.

Paul delivered 100+ different agile related trainings with a total number of 1000+ attendees in the last 4 years.

Language of instruction: English / Putonghua / Cantonese.

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Daniel Li

Daniel has 13+ years of Information Technology (IT) experience with his recent 4+ years in the role as Scrum Master, Agile Coach and Release Train Engineer (RTE) covering digital transformation. 

He has been working in the hospitality industry for over 8 years, he led agile teams practicing scaled agile framework. He participated in forming Scrum of Scrums and KanBan team, both were very successful and received positive feedbacks. He held PI Plannings, internal training classes and coaching his teams (team members 70+).  

Daniel is a highly motivated, results oriented looking to secure a challenging position that applies his expertise, leadership, creative problem solving, system thinking and hands-on soft/technical skills, aiming to become a value asset for cooperates and he is a certified professional Scrum Master with in-depth Scaled Scrum implementations. 

Daniel is a superb servant leader and helped teams to transform from waterfall projects into Agile Scrum.

 -Successfully launched Melco Club in iOS/Android with major features released incrementally in 1 year+

  • Ferry Booking microservices Integration with MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform and CotaiJet
  • Table Promotion Chips Redemption in the Casino
  • Hotel Booking Integration with Opera and ChinaOnline
  • Continuously work with DevOps team for AWS Backend API Micro Services deployment

– Participated in GEMS (Gaming Enterprise Management System) on premise to AWS Cloud adoption and Migration 

– Successfully launched Alliance Lite2 in 2 months on time for Finance Account Payable to transfer payments between corporates and banks

– Successfully launched NetDocuments with 2 phases migration in 5 months on time for Legal Department to manage legal counsel documents

– Utilized Salesforce CRM with customization for Business Development team to manage relationships with Japan Customers

Daniel is a successful self-made agile coach who crossed over himself from traditional project management to Agile. He reinvented himself through continuous learning and adaptation. His agile competencies were built on top of his strong soft skills and in-depth process management excellence that he accumulated from 5+ years of managerial experience in project planning and management, project governance, business analysis, business solutions delivery, applications management, infrastructure and IT operations. 

He is quick to adapt multiple roles as leader, facilitator, problem solver and mentor, coupled by different type of process framework including Nexus, PMI-PMP and SDLC methodologies. In the past two years, he trained 4 Scrum Master and Product Owners and closely worked with UX/UI designer and developers. Dealt with 10+ vendors to deliver time-to-market products.

Language of instruction: English / Putonghua / Cantonese.

Daniel Li Certifications:

  • SAFe® Practice Consultant
  • SAFe® Scrum Master
  • SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master
  • SAFe® Product Owner/ Product Manager
  • SAFe® Release Train Engineer
  • ICAgile Agile Fundamentals Authorized Instructor
  • ICAgile Agile Team Facilitation Instructor
  • ICAgile Agile Coaching
  • ICAgile Agile Fundamentals Professional
  • ICAgile Agile Team Facilitation
  • ICAgile Leading with Agility
  • Professional Scrum Master I
  • Professional Scrum Master II
  • Professional Product Owner I
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)®
  • M3.0 Management Facilitator
  • ACP-600 Project Administration in Jira Server
  • ACP-120 Jira Administrator for Cloud Certification.

Donald Ng

Donald has 14+ years of Information Technology (IT) experience. In 2019, he worked as the Scrum Master and led multiple teams in Cathay Pacific as part of a pilot program to adopt Agile development in B2E solution delivery. As a pioneer in traditional airline software delivery, Donald is enthusiastic about promoting the Agile mindset by facilitating scrum events: daily stand-up, backlog refinement, sprint planning, sprint review and sprint retrospective. In addition, he helped scrum teams to improve, supported the teams, took responsibility for their actions, continuously looked for improvement, and coached team members.

Continue his Agile journey, Donald joins Agilizing in 2021 to focus more on the work related to facilitating
different organizations to adopt Agile, and he became a trainer to conduct Agile training. He is now the official
DevOps Institute Authorized Trainer, ICAgile Authorized Instructor and certified SAFe Program Consultant.

Donald helps the Product Owners in their efforts to manage the backlog, guide the team, facilitate a healthy
team dynamic with priorities and scope. He supports the teams in addressing and eliminating impediments
and achieving the Program Increment (PI) objectives.

Donald shows his excellent interpersonal skills to collaborate with people from different nations, onshore and offshore, and from IT and non-IT backgrounds. He helps teams successfully to deliver solutions even during the pandemic. Donald also assists the teams in preparation for ART activities, including PI Planning, System Demo and the Inspect and Adapt.

Donald also leads by example in the growth mindset and continues his learning in Agile Testing, DevOps, and
Cloud technologies. In addition, he shows his passion for the technologies and becomes Microsoft Certified
Trainer to conduct training on Azure and security.

Language of instruction: English / Cantonese.

Donald Ng Certifications:

  • SAFe® Practice Consultant (SPC)
  • ICAgile Fundamentals Authorized Instructors
  • DevOps Institute Trainer – Continuous Testing Foundation
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)
  • SAFe® Scrum Master (SSM)
  • SAFe® Architect (ARCH)
  • ICAgile Certificated Professional Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC)
  • ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP)
  • Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS)
  • Professional Scrum with User Experience I (PSU I)
  • Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II)
  • Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I)
  • DevOps Institute Continuous Testing Foundation
  • DevOps Institute Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Foundation
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert
  • Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert
  • Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Solution Architect Expert
  • Microsoft Certified: Identity and Access Administrator Associate
  • Microsoft Certified: Security Operations Analyst Associate
  • Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate
  • Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Functional Consultant Associate
  • Microsoft Certified: Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Fundamentals
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate
  • Certified Six Sigma Green Belt, CSSGB
  • Six Sigma Black Belt Bridging Course, SSBBB.

Gail Hsiao

Originated from Taiwan and enriched by experiences in diverse locales like the USA, Macau, and Hong Kong, Gail stands as an accomplished professional with over a decade of wisdom under her belt. Her mastery extends gracefully to the orchestration of intricate IT projects across an array of institutions and corporations. Gail’s prowess seamlessly marries the realms of traditional and Agile methodologies, allowing her to flourish amidst a tapestry of diverse project landscapes. Nestled upon a solid foundation of Lean Agile and Scrum approaches, she emerges as a coveted Agile Coach and Scrum Master, igniting waves of transformative change for teams and organizations of medium and large scales.

With a rich tapestry of involvement across diverse facets of business entities—spanning administration, customer service, operations, and management—Gail has cultivated an extensive comprehension of the business landscape, particularly in the realms of IT and Logistics industries. In the context of Scrum Master/Agile Coach, Gail radiates as a guiding light of empowerment, harnessing Agile principles to shape tailor-made coaching, unveiling latent potential, fostering innovation, and driving teams towards the pinnacle of excellence. This encompasses her skilled leadership in cross-functional and cross-cultural team collaborations, nurturing an ecosystem of harmonious interactions and cultivating environments of profound trust.

Furthermore, fueled by a passion for promoting and disseminating Agile methodologies and frameworks, Gail has taken the lead in facilitating and co-training a range of Agile awareness sessions, Agile Fundamentals workshops, Agile Team Facilitation programs, and Agile Project & Delivery Management courses. Additionally, she has delivered SAFe certified trainings such as Leading SAFe, SAFe Product Owner/Product Management, SAFe Scrum Master, SAFe for Teams, and IIBA CPOA trainings.

  • Embracing the Agile mindset through firsthand experience in navigating changing management dynamics.
  • Demonstrating excellence in strategic planning and analysis; displaying thoughtfulness in prioritizing backlog items and delegating tasks.
  • Exhibiting organizational finesse, analytical prowess, and a keen eye for detail, all underscored by an unwavering sense of involvement.
  • Thriving within cross-functional and cross-cultural team settings, with a dedicated emphasis on fostering wholesome individual interactions and nurturing environments built on trust.
  • Possessing diverse expertise in driving product and services innovation, adeptly navigating the intricate landscapes of startup and scale-up environments.

Language of instruction: English / Putonghua / Cantonese.

Gail Hsiao Certifications:

  • SAFe® Practice Consultant
  • SAFe® Scrum Master
  • Accredited ICAgile Authorized Trainer – Agile Product and Delivery Management
  • Accredited ICAgile Authorized Trainer – Agile Fundamentals w/Scrum and Kanban.
  • Certified ICAgile Agile Coaching
  • Certified IIBA Product Ownership Analysis
  • Certified IIBA Agile Analysis Certification
  • Certified Team Kanban Practitioner
  • Google Project Management
  • Google Data Analytics

Ben Chan

Ben has over 25 years of Information Technology (IT) experience in various infrastructure engineering & operation positions. He worked in the financial sector for over 20 years as a technical product SME. Since 2016 Ben had been interacting with different agile teams for software development as a product consumer. And in the last 2 years Ben was leading 4 teams as an Agile Coach/Scrum Master to manage the workplace engineering solution products/projects as well as helping the teams in their agile transformation journey.

Ben is passionate in sharing his knowledge and he has conducted various number of workshops and training sessions. In the early 2000 he was a part time trainer for Microsoft server products. During his time as a product SME, he conducted both ad-hoc and regular training/collaboration events with the teams. He was also a creator, a facilitator and a frequent speaker for a bi-weekly “Tech Road Show” series across the engineering community in his last job. And as a scrum master who wanted to promote “being agile”, he conducted a few workshops for the team, along with a weekly internal blog posting series on agile values, principles and practices to help anchoring their agile mindset.

Lately after finishing his 20 years tenure in a financial firm, he decided to pursue further in the agile world by transforming himself to be an agile coach. He would like to continue to influence more people to enjoy the benefit of being Agile.

Language of instruction: English / Cantonese.

Ben Chan Certifications:

  • SAFe® Practice Consultant
  • SAFe® Agilist
  • SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master
  • SAFe® Scrum Master
  • SAFe® Lean Portfolio Manager
  • SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager
  • ICAgile Authorized Instructor – Agile Fundamentals
  • ICAgile Certified Professional – Agile Coaching.

Nicole Li

Nicole Li has 15+ years of Information Technology (IT) consulting experience with her recent 5+ years in her own startup conducting Agile and other IT related trainings. Her expertise lies in project management, business process improvement and training. She has worked with clients from a range of different industries including banking and insurance, technology, telecommunication, aviation and energy.

Nicole has extended experience in delivery projects in the waterfall model in the first ten years of her career. She first came across Agile in 2011 in Macquarie Bank where they pilot an Agile project. Nicole enjoys Agile related work since the Agile mindset and culture can inject positive energy into organizations and individuals. In 2016, she has obtained her certification in Agile PM and has helped a number of her clients to pilot and transfer from traditional project management to Agile work mindset and culture. Her work included planning transformation roadmap, conducting training, setting up an Agile environment and toolsets such as Kanban board and daily scrum, working with product owners to improve incremental and iterative development of products, planning and facilitating meetings and reviews.

Nicole is a passionate trainer who enjoys bringing the best out of others. She is also an entrepreneur who has a start-up training and coaching business for the recent 5 years. She is able to conduct trainings effectively to different class sizes, designing training materials and workshop, as well as setting a comfortable environment for learners to excel.

Language of instruction: English / Putonghua / Cantonese.

Nicole Li Certifications:

  • ICAgile Authorized Instructor – Agile Fundamentals
  • ICAgile Certificated Professional Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC)®
  • ICAgile Certificated Professional Agile Team Facilitation (ICP-ATF)®
  • SAFe® Agilist
  • SAFe® Scrum Master
  • SAFe® Product Owner / Product Manager
  • AgilePM Foundation
  • AgilePM Practitioner
  • ITIL® Foundation
  • PRINCE2® Foundation
  • PRINCE2® Practitioner

Clara Tong

Clara has 25+ years of working experience and has been working in a large solution provider for 10+ years. She enjoys being the project manager and systems analyst for various Government and Commercial projects. In recent 4+ year, she also takes up the role of a Scrum Master and being an internal Agile Coach. Clara is ready for challenging role(s) in all areas.

Accomplished Projects

Clients: Sun Life Hong Kong Limited, Generation Hong Kong, Swire Properties Limited, China CITIC Bank International Limited, Centralcon Properties Company, ITC Properties Company Limited, Automated System Limited, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Government Laboratory, Information Services Department, Rating and Valuation Department, Transport Department, Water Supplies Department, Travel Agents Registry, Hong Kong Maxim’s Caterers Limited, The Lands Department, The Census and Statistics Department, Zung Fu Company Limited.

Language of instruction: English / Cantonese.

Clara Tong Certifications:

  • SAFe® Practice Consultant
  • SAFe® Advance Scrum Master
  • SAFe® Scrum Master
  • SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager
  • ICAgile Agile Fundamentals Authorized Instructor
  • ICAgile Certified Professional Agile Coaching
  • ICAgile Certified Professional ICP
  • DevOps Leadership
  • Professional Scrum Master I.

Coco Ho

A Certified SPC with a background in digital marketing with focus on agile business analysis and product management. Coco has more than 13 + years of business analysis and project management experience across different areas. She has joined the Agilizing Apprenticeship Program working closely with Paulino Kok in grooming herself to be an Agile Versatilist.

  • Experienced in writing communicative user stories for effective conversation with different parties, in order to facilitate the product development process.
  • Proven hands-on experience consolidating user requirements and conducting user acceptance testing and implementation of new functions for projects and product features
  • maintained timely communications with business stakeholders throughout the project life cycle to ensure common understanding of requirements
  • worked collaboratively with internal parties to acquire or provide information needed for analysis and reporting
  • prepared training materials and operating manual with respect to the functions of various key systems
  • Prepared agile requirements specification for digital marketing campaign platform
  • Developed marketing strategy with detailed roadmap and budgeting projection.
  • Managed the campaigns development process and kept track of the project timeline and budget control
  • Strong customer-centric experience; Strong customer-centric content management
  • Banking/ Insurance clients’ project handling experience
  • Mobile application/ website wireframe development
  • Mobile/ website project management
  • Marketing research and strategic proposal development.

Language of instruction: English / Putonghua / Cantonese.

Coco Ho Certifications:

  • SAFe® Practice Consultant (SPC)
  • SAFe® Agilist
  • SAFe® Scrum Master
  • SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager.

Maria Wen

Maria has 19 years of experience in project management consulting, software development, IT operation and maintenance, etc., focusing on the research of agile project management, project management, and IT service management. She has many years of experience in agile software development and is one of the earliest agile practitioners in China. She has a deep understanding of agile and his own opinions; Maria has worked in Microsoft Asia Engineering Institute, Siemens Software R&D Department, Irdeto China R&D Center, Canada Storage APP Co., Ltd., Inspur Group, Digital China and Accenture Consulting, served as software engineer, testing manager, Scrum Master, project director, senior consultant, etc.

Language of instruction: English / Putonghua.

Maria Wen Certifications:

  • ICAgile Agile Project Delivery and Management
  • SAFe® SPC
  • PSM II
  • CSM
  • CSPO
  • A-CSM
  • A-CSPO
  • CSP-SM
  • Scrum@Scale
  • DevOps Foundation
  • DevOps Master
  • EXIN Scrum Master
  • PMI-PgMP®
  • PMI-PMP®
  • PMI-ACP®
  • PMI-PBA®
  • ITIL® 4 Managing Professional and Strategic Leader
  • ITIL® V3 Expert
  • ITSS
  • ISO 20000
  • ISO 27001
  • CDCP

Eason Ding

  • 20 years for project management and 4 years for agile scrum master
  • Proven records for coaching develop teams and leadership team through agile adoption
  • Extensive experience in project management and agile project delivery
  • Multiple technical domain knowledge for both infrastructure and application development
  • Solid experienced with value stream design, product flow, systems thinking, with emphasis on outcomes and strategic alignment
  • Strong business acumen and business agility
  • Communication expert, good team player and master of problem solving
  • Language skill – Fluent English, Cantonese and Native Mandarin.

Language of instruction: English / Putonghua / Cantonese.

Eason Ding Certifications:

  • ICAgile Authorized Instructor (Agile Delivery Management)
  • ICAgile Agile Coaching
  • Certified SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master
  • Certified SAFe® Scrum Master and Product Owner
  • Professional Scrum Master I
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)®
  • EXIN, ITIL® v3 Foundation Bridge
  • Examination EXIN, ITSM Certification
  • HP, Accredited System Engineer
  • Airwatch, Enterprise Mobility Associate
  • Microsoft, MCSE 2003

Winson Li

Winson has 20+ years of computer engineering working experience and 12+ years of coaching / mentoring / teaching to developers / system administrators / QA / CS / managers for 200+ times and has become an agile coach in the past 6 years.

Experienced Programming Languages & tools:
BASIC, C/C ++, C#, ASP.Net, C# .Net, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, VBA, Java, J2EE, JavaScript, React, PHP, VBScript, ActionScript, JScript, Perl, MATLAB, DOS / bash / csh / ksh / zsh / sh, Windows PowerShell, IBM Informix-4GL, SQL, PROC SQL, XML-based Languages, HTML, XML, Git/GitHub, etc.

Language of instruction: English / Putonghua / Cantonese.

Winson Li Certifications:

  • SAFe® Practice Consultant
  • SAFe® Scrum Master
  • SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager
  • ICAgile Certified Professional – Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC)
  • ICAgile Certified Professional – Agile Team Facilitation (ICP-ATF)
  • DevOps Institute DevOp Foundation (DOF)
  • DevOps Institute DevOp Leadership (DOL)
  • DevOps Institute Site Reliabiltiy Engineering Foundation (SREF)
  • Registered Corporate Coach (RCC)
  • Career Framework for Managers – IBM
  • Project Management Fundamentals – IBM
  • ITIL® 4 Foundation.

Mike Zhang

After graduating with bachelor and master degree in engineering from Tsinghua University, Mike worked in many reputable companies including some well-known financial services companies and banks. Mike is an experienced agile coach and Exin DevOps Master. He is also a Kanban Management Professional. Mike led Agile/DevOps transformation based on references from DevOps, Agile, SAFe, Kanban, CMMI, Lean since 2009. He adopted Scrum/XP/Kanban/SAFe/Agile Tribe in different projects and organizations. Good at catalyzing agile leadership.

Mike has hands-on experience on: Java, PowerShell, TDD ATDD BDD, Continuous Integration, Continuous deployment, Clean Code, BA, Agile Story, to state a few. He is also familiar with tools like Jira, Redmine, Confluence, Git, Eclipse, Jenkins, Maven, JUnit, Mockito, SonarQube, Cucumber, Selenium, Spring Boot, Ansible, Terraform, etc.

Language of instruction: English / Putonghua.

Mike Zhang Certifications:

  • SAFe® Practice Consultant
  • Exin DevOps Master
  • Leading SAFe®
  • CMMI 1.3
  • Certified Scrum Master
  • ISO 27000 Lead Appraiser
  • SEI Certified CMMI v1.2 Introduction Training
  • SEI Certified CMMI v1.1 Introduction Training
  • System Analyst Certificate (IT highest certificate in China)
  • Senior Programmer Certificate.

Daniel Zhu

Daniel has 19+ years of project management and operation excellence experience with his recent 6+ years of roles concentrating on Agile coaching and lean improvement projects. He has been working in the home appliances manufacturing industry for over 10 years, and led agile/lean teams practicing both single agile team and scaled agile framework. He led agile and lean projects in Changzhou YongAn Electrical and formed teams applying Scrum and Kanban with successful feedback and resulted in achieving regional supplier excellence award from the top customer in 2017-2018. Daniel is enthusiastic about promoting the Agile mindset by facilitating scrum events: daily stand-up, backlog refinement, iteration planning, iteration review and retrospective. Daniel is highly self-motivated and results oriented as well as rich experienced on inter-personal communication with certified Dale Carnegie course on effective communication and human relations.

Language of instruction: English / Putonghua.

Daniel Zhu Certifications:

  • SAFe® Scrum Master
  • ICAgile Agile Coaching
  • ICAgile Agile Fundamentals Professional
  • ICAgile Agile Team Facilitation
  • Six Sigma Green Belt in Whirlpool
  • Dale Carnegie Course Certificate on Effective Communication & Human Relations
  • Chinese National Construction Project Manager
  • Chinese National Construction Cost Estimator

Wand Lin 林偉丹






曾在DevOpsDays、TOP100 Summit、GAIC、TID、MPD、PMI Congress、台灣Agile Summit、各地Agile Tour等業界大會上發表演講,主題涵蓋企業級精益敏捷變革、規模化敏捷、DevOps轉型、PMO管理演進、創新金融產品的敏捷項目管理實踐、設計思維工作坊、看板沙盤工作坊、欣賞式探詢工作坊等;任2018 北京/上海MPD工作坊、2017 GAIC全球互聯網架構師大會出品人。



  • 中國DevOpsDays & 中國DevOps社區核心組織者
  • EXIN DevOps / VeriSM / LeanIT 認證講師
  • 鳳凰項目沙盤認證引導師
  • SPC規模化敏捷認證諮詢師
  • 管理3.0認證引導師
  • PMI-ACP敏捷項目管理 授權講師
  • ICAgile認證敏捷教練 (ICP-ACC)
  • 認證Scrum@Scale Practitioner
  • 認證LeSS Practitioner
  • LeanKanban學院認證KMP
  • Scrum聯盟認證CAL,CSP, CSM,CSPO
  • NPDP國際產品管理認證
  • ACT Group聯合創始人。

Aray Kaken

Aray Kaken is an Agile coach and trainer known for his expertise in successfully implementing large-scale IT projects and products, along with scaling Agile methodologies in various sectors, including financial institutions, national companies, and technology holdings. With extensive technical knowledge and experience in IT and hybrid project management, Aray specializes in organizational change management and has played pivotal roles in Agile transformations, the establishment of Agile teams, and the initiation of Agile Release Trains (ART).

Having delivered Agile training to prestigious clients such as Hospital Authority, ASL, Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Jaguar Land Rover, and Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Aray has earned a reputation for his proficiency in driving transformative change. Notably, he spearheaded the successful launch of the startup “Mobee – Smart Bike Sharing” at the World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi in 2017.

Aray’s dedication to fostering a culture of continuous improvement is evident in his ability to conduct retrospectives, resolve conflicts within Agile teams, and promote open communication. Recognized as a sought-after Agile Coach and Trainer, he specializes in Lean Agile and Scaled Agile training, driving transformative change for medium and large enterprises.

With a seamless transition from traditional project management to Agile methodologies, Aray led the successful launch of loan management and bikesharing mobile applications, leveraging his strong facilitation and coaching skills developed through managing diverse Agile teams.

Aray is an authorized trainer for various certification bodies, including SAFe, ICAgile, Management 3.0, PRINCE2 Agile, PRINCE2, ITIL, DevOps, PMI CAPM, and Atlassian Jira.

He is fluent in Putonghua (speaking and writing), learnt a lot of Chinese culture and made good friends while he did his 4 years degree in Beijing, China.

Aray Kaken Certifications:

  • SAFe® Practice Consultant
  • SAFe® Release Train Engineer
  • ICAgile Authorized Trainer – Agile Team Facilitation
  • ICAgile Agile Coaching
  • Management 3.0 Facilitator
  • PeopleCert Ambassador
  • Authorized PRINCE2 Agile® Trainer – PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner, PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation, 
  • Authorized PRINCE2® Trainer – PRINCE2® Practitioner, PRINCE2® Foundation
  • Authorized ITIL® Trainer – All ITIL® 4  Certifications
  • ITIL® Master
  • ITIL® 4 Practitioner
  • ITIL® 4 Strategic Leader
  • ITIL® 4 Managing Professional
  • ITIL® 4 Foundation
  • ITIL® 3 Expert
  • Authorized DevOps Institute Trainer – DevOps Foundation, SRE Foundation
  • Kanban University Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP)
  • Certified IIBA Agile Analysis Certificate (AAC)
  • Certified IIBA Product Ownership Analysis (CPOA)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)®
  • Atlassian Jira Trainer
  • Atlassian Certified in Managing Jira Projects for Cloud (ACP-620)
  • ServiceNow CSA
  • 4me Administration Training.

Rakesh Singh

Rakesh has 38+ years of experience in IT industry. He is currently an active Faculty, Researcher and Coach with a focus on Lean-Agile frameworks and practices that enables ‘Business Agility’. He is ICAgile certified instructor for ICP-BAF & ICP-LEA programs, SAFe 5.1 Program Consultant for delivering (over 100+) SAFe Courses (Leading SAFe, SAFe PO/PM. SSM, LPM and APM) and contributor to Business Agility Institute (

Rakesh was a member of leadership team for Siemens R&D Center in Bangalore for over two decades having introduced many quality and process frameworks such as ISO 9001, CMMI, Six Sigma, ISO 13485 and Siemens Development Systems and the last being SAFe Framework in Siemens Healthineers. Rakesh has been contributor to the global R&D PM initiative at Siemens AG for over 5 years.

He worked with companies like Hewlett-Packard (India), Digital Equipment Corporation (US), Siemens Nixdorf (Germany) and Siemens Software R&D Center (India). Rakesh has rich experience in Project Management and Quality Management and leading businesses in SAP ERP Consulting, Software Process Consulting, IT Services Delivery and Lean-Agile Methodology.

Language of instruction: English.


Rakesh Singh Certifications:

  • SAFe® Practice Consultant
  • Leading SAFe®
  • ICAgile Leading with Agility – certified trainer
  • ICAgile Business Agility Foundation – certified trainer
  • ISO 13485:2016 Lead Auditor Certification.

Rumesh Wijetunge

Rumesh has 17+ years of experience performing various roles in the IT industry working with clients from Telecommunications, Airline, Education, FMCG, Banking, Healthcare & Insurance, Hospitality and Government domains from Asia, America, Europe, Australia, and Scandinavian regions. Rumesh loves enabling change in individuals and organizations and to help them find better and innovative ways of working. Rumesh has 9+ years of experience as a trainer, and transformation consultant and has trained over 10000 professionals on areas of Agile, Scaled Agile, Project Management, Business Analysis, Design Thinking and Management 3.0.

Language of instruction: English.

Rumesh Wijetunge Certifications:

  • SAFe Practice Consultant (SPC)®
  • SAFe Agilist (SA)®
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)®
  • Certified Scrum Professional (CSP)®
  • Certified Scrum Master (CSM)®
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)®
  • IC Agile – Agile Coaching Certification (ICP-ACC)®
  • Management 3.0 Facilitator
  • Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®
  • Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)®
  • Certified Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA)®
  • PRINCE2® Foundation
  • ITIL® 4 Foundation
  • NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner
  • Google Design Sprint Facilitator.

Ryan Ho

Over 25 years of experience in IT industry including 10+ years exposure in multinational companies like Microsoft, HPE and Avanade (Accenture). Over 13 years experience as undergraduate student’s tutor in the Hong Kong Metropolitan University.

Worked in different roles of IT consulting business including business development, presales, engagement management, solution architecture, project delivery management and people manager.

Ryan experienced in Microsoft technologies like Microsoft 365, Power Platform and Azure. Key certifications include: M365 Enterprise Administrator Expert, Power Platform Solution Architect Expert, and Azure DevOps Engineer Expert.
Embraced agile mindset and get certified as ICAgile Authorized Trainer, SAFe Scrum Master and Product Owner/Product Manager.

Language of instruction: English / Cantonese.

Ryan Ho Certifications:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
  • Google Cloud Certified – Associate Cloud Engineer
  • SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)®
  • SAFe® Scrum Master
  • Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate
  • ICAgile Authorized Instructor
  • ICAgile Certified Professional – Agile Fundamentals
  • Workplace Analytics Specialist
  • Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert
  • Workplace Analytics Practitioner
  • Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Developer Associate
  • Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Solution Architect Expert
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate
  • Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert.

Bongy Tang

Bongy has 20 years+ IT experience in managing enterprise software development and infrastructure projects utilizing both waterfall and Agile methodologies. Bongy is experienced in leading PMO and driving transformational initiatives. Bongy acts as Scrum Master/Agile Coach by utilizing agile methods to lead project teams, to inspect and adapt, and to drive process improvement across different divisions/countries.
Bongy has excellent leadership and communication ability in working with stakeholders (e.g. CxOs) across different regions and culture. A servant leader to drive projects with agile leadership principles. Bongy is skilled in explaining complex ideas to different types of audience to facilitate workshops and scrum meetings.

Language of instruction: English.

Bong Tang Certifications:

  • SAFe® Scrum Master
  • SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)®
  • Chartered Professional Accountants Canada (CPA)
  • Certified Management Accountant (CMA)
  • ITIL® V3 Foundation
  • Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists (APEG).

Rico Chiang

Mr. Chiang is a veteran IT professional with over 20 years of IT experience. He has assumed senior and head of IT positions for renowned NGO, public organization and listed companies in Hong Kong and Macau, of which industries span across properties & real estate, gaming, hospitality, retail and leisure & entertainment. Mr. Chiang has in-depth expertise and experience in Enterprise Architecture, Data Management and Governance; in particular how to align these frameworks with agile method in agile architecture and agile data modeling to help clients realize digital transformation.

Language of instruction: English / Cantonese. 

Rico Chiang Certifications:

  • SAFe® Practice Consultant (SPC)
  • SAFe® Architect
  • SAFe® Agilist
  • SAFe® Scrum Master
  • DAMA Certified Data Management Professional (Master Level)
  • The Open Group TOGAF® 9 Certified
  • The Open Group TOGAF® Business Architecture Level 1
  • The Open Group Archimate® 3 Practitioner
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)®
  • PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP)®
  • Object Management Group Certified Expert in BPM2
  • BIAN’s Banking Architecture Foundation Certification
  • COBIT® 5 Foundation
  • ITIL® 4 Foundation
  • OMG Certified Expert in Business Process Management.
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