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Authorized Transformation Partner


We're Scaled Agile Transformation Partner

As SAFe Transformation Partner, we are dedicated to achieving successful customer outcomes. Scaled Agile provides flexible pairing models to give partners the support they need, anywhere along the SAFe Implementation Roadmap. We also have special access to SAFe intellectual property, toolkits, enablement, and downloads to assist with our client's implementations. 

We're your individual or corporate transformation partner

Transformation Partners provide training, consulting and coaching services to help enterprises and organizations implement the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®). Partners are equipped to help customers achieve better alignment, cadence, synchronization, and collaboration across the organization. 

Scaled Agile Learning Workshop

Scaled Agile Professional Certifications v.4.6

Scaled Agile Framework for Lean Enterprise v4.6

SAFe Scaled Agile Framework for Lean Enterprise, with agile practitioner, agilist, scrum master, product owner, product manager, DevOps, agile software engineering, agile architecture certifications

SAFe certified workshop in Hong Kong for individual and corporate.

Global Innovation Institute (GInI)



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Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI)


The SDI is a powerful and effective tool for understanding the motives and values that drive behaviors. The SDI plays off people’s basic need to better understand themselves and others, and that understanding allows them to lead with clarity and empathy, build stronger teams, and more effectively navigate conflict. 

When you understand someone’s motivational language – what really matters to them and, more importantly, why it matters – then your differences fade and empathy grows. It’s a recipe for better choices – at home, in the community, at work, or wherever you interact with people. That drives stronger performance among teams and better results. 

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By understanding why people do or say things in certain situations, we can make better decisions and avoid or deal with unproductive conflict more effectively.  

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Lean Agile Transformation


We'd like to work with you no matter at which stage you're on your Lean Agile journey. We'll get you where you want to be in a lean-agile way based on market recognized Organizational Change Management methodologies and measurements!

Lean Agile Learning Workshop


2 days immersive learning to get certified as a competent and confident lean agile professionals with real world examples. We are planning to do evening weekday workshop as well. Post us what you need, and we'll try to accommodate.

Individual Coaching


We love learners. We like to work with them to ensure they get continuous learning and development to move up on their career path. Talk to us especially if you feel like you are stuck at your current job, or you are already a job seeker.

Corporate Training


We train and coach all levels of staffs to prepare them to be change agents, change catalysts, or supporting followers to expedite your lean agile transformation journey.

Design Thinking


Design thinking is a form of solution-focused thinking with the intent of producing a constructive future result. We advocate DT as a new cognitive process to help people to be more creative and innovative in their way of work, including but not limited to problem solving and design.

Inspect and Adapt - FAQs


 We believe in continuous improvement through 360 degree timely feedback. Send us your feedback to help us improve.

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