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Agile Mentoring

Our tailored Agile Mentoring program is designed to support professionals like you in achieving their goals.

Our offering is designed for individuals who are already familiar with agility, have a foundational understanding of agile principles, and know what needs to be done theoretically but may face difficulties in practical application. As agile mentors, we will accompany and support you on your unique journey. We regularly assess your current progress and adapt our coaching style accordingly.

About Agilizing

Agilizing offers the largest training portfolio in Hong Kong, encompassing a diverse array of learning workshops and agile transformation consulting services. Our operation focus is on Greater China, covering Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, and Taiwan, with our headquarters situated in Hong Kong.

As an accredited educational institution, Agilizing Education Center delivers Lean and Agile training to the general public, advancing the positive impact on individuals and business satisfaction through the adoption of Lean and Agile practices.

In the corporate business arena, Agilizing serves major enterprises in Hong Kong and China, providing organizational transformation services. Our guiding coalition is dedicated to assisting clients on their evolutionary transformation journey, with a focus on a ‘train the trainers and coach the coaches’ approach.

Agilizing recognizes the importance of temporary enabling structures and offers integrated improvement features. This include intentional practices followed by continuous on-the-job learning and improvement. We maintain an outside-in perspective to balance interests among stakeholders and stay neutral to company politics and sub-cultures. Additionally, we provide flexible out sourcing options for agile coaches, scrum masters and product owners, servicing as staff augmentation, these services include cost-effective agile contacting, on-demand availability of multi-skilled interchangeable coaches, and cross-pollination learning with Lean Agile market intelligence.

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