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Paul Sir相关专业知识丰富,经验深厚,讲解清晰有条理,兼用活动教学,生动有趣。
Mr. Danny Wong
Deputy General Manager 中國銀行香港
Paul has extensive knowledge about SAFe agile methodology and his presentation is clear and precise. This training is comprehensive for us to grab the essence of SAFe POPM role. Overall, it is good and happy training.
Joe Chui
APAC Regional Head of Retail Technology in MNC
I have just attended Agile Leader training in Agilist. Paul is the trainer of the class. He explains concept clearly through his knowledge and quotes examples to illustrate. He is not only able to answer all content and knowledge in the class, but also answer questions in all kinds of aspects, like PMP, security. He is a definitely "living dictionary". In addition, I treasure his experience in various organization transformation by applying Agile. Agile can be applied to many area. He can help advising various scenarios, because of Paul's broad knowledge domain. This Agile course gives me many new ideas and better approach in development cycle and program/team management.
M. Yeung
SAFe Scrum Master Training is highly recommended not only for IT Professionals but also for Engineering Professionals engaged with Project Teams delivering products or solutions in either R&D, manufacturing and project management organizations. The SSM Training is essential for Project Managers, Project Leaders and Engineers who wants to upgrade their Coaching & Leadership Skills in a Project Management, Lean or Agile Manufacturing Environment. I came from a R&D Organization of a Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. The knowledge I gained from the SSM Training complimented my Project Management skill sets. I learned from PMI. I felt better equipped now as a Project Manager with the additional soft skills for Coaches and Leaders I learned from the training plus the additional knowledge I gained on Lean & Agile Enterprize. My appreciation and commendation to our trainer – Paul. His high level grasps of SAFe Lean Enterprises help us to have a very clear understanding of the roles & functions of a Scrum Master which leads us to successfully hurdle the SSM Certification Test.
Nelson G. Vicera
SAFe Scrum Master (SSM), IPC Specialist, CAPM, Package R&D and Package Application Expert. Former Sr. Principal Engineer, Nexperia- HK Ltd.
Mr. Ding
Global IT Operations Manager Gulf Oil Marine Limited
A very experienced trainer with varies range of knowledge, Paul not only can deliver committed training context, skills and mindset effectively but also inspire you on the application of learning in daily life. He is one of the best trainers I ever met.
Stephen Li
IT Program Management FWD
上了 Paul老师的 SAFe for Architects课程,感觉 Paul老师精通 SAFe框架,讲解深入浅出,全程有问必答,课堂气氛活跃,使我获益匪浅。
Bin WU
Lead Consultant Thoughtworks
Paul is truly a master of Agile and amazingly more than that! He has a profound knowledge of integrating & synergizing Agile with other significant performance tools to optimize the results! He nailed it definitely! A lot to learn from Paul!
Kristie Yeung
Regional Education Director
The trainer has great experience as well as profound knowledge of SAFe SSM. Definitely worth recommending.
Benjamin Po
Technical Lead in Global Bank
The Training content, material and Paul’s knowledge towards the content of the course are excellent.
William To
Head of IT Heep Hong Society
Two days’ SAFE for Architects program is really interesting and valuable to link Architecture knowledge and SAFE agile methodology together, Paul’s presentation and explanation is really great, learned a lot.
Michael Zhu
Delivery Manager - EPAM
Very good learning on Agile development training.
Fung Ka Chui
Centre Manager Heep Hong Society
It is my pleasure to join the SAFeProduct Manager Product Owner certification course, the course does equip me with the necessary skills in agile practice. And the course design facilitates the discussions among the classmates, which further enables us to deepen our knowledge through practice & case studies. It is highly recommended joining this SAFe POPM course to guide you to be a competent Product Owner Product Manager.
A. Lok
The two days workshop organized by Agilizing was quite insightful. The trainer, Paul, comes with a vast industry experience and makes learning SAFe concepts quite interesting by encouraging classroom interactions. Classroom learnings were also crucial towards clearing the exam and claiming certificate. This definitely was a prudent move towards developing an agile mindset in scaled environment!
Bipul Kumar
Business Analyst Willis Towers Watson
Paul sir delivers the subject very clear, and he is definitely encyclopedia of IT and Agility. During the class, he manages the pacing well and able to answer all kind of questions. Highly recommend his classes to you, you will have a good learning experience with practical knowledge takeaway.
C Ho
Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Manager All Rights Reserved Ltd
I attended the SAFe for architects training from Paul. He is very knowledgeable in SAFe agile methodology and is a very experienced trainer. This training is recommended for architects who would like to practice SAFe in their workplace.
Aaron Chow
Solution Architect
Paul is one of the best mentors I have ever met. He is knowledgeable and he can inspire people from different perspectives. Under his guidance, I have acquired SAFe and ICAgile knowledge and certificates efficiently. It saved me more than 80% of time compared to my self-learning previously. Through the learning agile journey along with Paul, he opened my eyes that agile is a mindset that not only can apply to career, but also benefits our lifetime.
Dave Wong
Manager, HKICL
The training conducted by Paul was professional and down-to-earth. There were different discussion and sharing sessions for us to learn from each other. Paul has extensive knowledge about SAFe Agile and explained the concepts clearly. He also gave his opinions on my current situation which helped a lot. Overall, this is an excellent LPM course.
Kandi Wong
Regional PMO in MNC
I am happy to attend the SAFe Scrum Master 2-day course; my background is purely from Sales & Marketing without much IT background which made me worry how to follow the lessons at the beginning. Through the coaching and guidance by Daniel and supported by the well-structured materials, I have gained a good understanding of the topic and passed the Examination as the Certified SAFe Scrum Master (5.1).
Anthony Huen
Senior Commercial Manager, HunterLab Asia Limited
Mr. Paul is very knowledgeable about the SAFe lean and agile practices. The training is very interactive and engaging. Paul addressed my questions well in the class and he inspired me on how I would run the lean portfolio management in our company. Paul is also very resourceful (no wonder he calls himself a “toolbox”) , templates and external links are very useful to carry out the work into my next mission.
Wenting Zhu 朱文婷
Program Manager in software company
have joined the SAFe PO/PM and Leading SAFe trainings. The trainers are professional and knowledgeable provided with lots of activities and case examples in class. The course is highly recommended and able to build a fundamental to apply SAFe and agile mindset in workspace.
Brittany To
IT Portfolio Management in MNC
From the two-day workshop, I equipped myself with the essence of SAFe lean & agile concepts, some important responsibilities for the role of PM/PO when managing projects. The in-class activities and debrief sessions encouraged me to carry out discussion with other participants to understand the complex knowledge in an easier approach. This workshop is highly recommended!
BA in an audit firm
The 4-day Implementing SAFe training for SPC has been invaluable, and will certainly benefit anyone who would like to take their organization to the next level in Business Agility. Well structured, closely coordinated and organized in precision by two immensely experienced SPC (Darren & Paulino).
ST Ooi
Shangri-La Group
Glad to have the SAFe SM training with Agilzing trainer. Daniel Li (the trainer) is experienced and professional. Paul and his team also fully support the whole learning journey. Definitely recommend. That's valuable experience of ICAgile Agile Team Facilitation training. Much appreciated for Paul and Daniel's professional knowledge and Agilizing team support during the learning journey.
Antony Lei
Paul and Daniel have conducted a vivid workshop with lots of work related activities. The whole workshop brings me valuable knowledge to deal with my coaching work immediately when I get back to work. The references and reading materials are very useful and applicable to daily scenarios. I highly recommend this workshop to those who seek to have a training on team facilitation.
Coco Ho
The 2-days SAFe POPM workshop was compact and relevant. The trainers were professional, experienced and down-to-earth, providing insightful guidance and experience sharing during practice exercises. Classroom interaction maintain active although it is an online class, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone intending to employ larger scale Agile in their workspace.
Judy Wong
Manager in R&D Company
I was really happy to have attended the 3-day SAFe ASE certification training late September 2022. Our instructor, Daniel, was really knowledgeable and has even shared a lot of his actual experiences to relate to Agile Software Engineering concepts. He structured the training well; giving breaks, well-briefed outline, and sufficient pacing of the course. There was plenty of interaction and doing the mural board was fun. Overall, Agilizing was professional and the arrangements and communication were good. Taking this course from them is recommended.
Erwin Rommel de Leon
Technical Analyst - FedEx Express APAC

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