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Professional Scrum with Kanban™ (PSK I)

Professional Scrum with Kanban™ (PSK I) Certification Prep Workshop
Duration: 2 days
Language: English / Putonghua / Cantonese
Training and 1st attempt of exam fee included
Remote live instructor-led interactive certification training

Additional Information

Job family



Product Manager, Product Owner, Team Manager/Leader, Scrum Master /Team Agile Coach, Developer/Tester

Competence Level


Workshop Category

Agile Product Management

Workshop Description

Professional Scrum with Kanban™ (PSK) is a hands-on, activity-based workshop that teaches experienced Scrum Masters and other Scrum practitioners how to improve the way they work by applying Kanban practices in the context of Professional Scrum.

There is a myth that teams need to choose between using Scrum or Kanban. There are many benefits to optimizing the flow of work in Scrum by leveraging Kanban practices. In this 2 day workshop, learners will learn the benefits of using Scrum and Kanban together.

Learners will learn how to optimize their workflow by adding four Kanban practices to Scrum:

  • Visualizing the Sprint Backlog workflow on a Kanban board
  • Limiting Work in Progress (WIP)
  • Actively managing work items in progress
  • Continually inspecting and adapting the way the team uses flow optimization.

Organizations using DevOps, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) will find adding flow to their application of Scrum to be a natural complement.

By leveraging these practices, teams improve transparency, collaboration and self-management, ultimately improving their ability to achieve Sprint Goals at a sustainable pace. In addition, this workshop has a focus on helping learners track and manage flow metrics to provide more predictable delivery patterns, ultimately helping them to overcome common delivery challenges with getting to “Done”. Learners will leave with a better understanding of what good Kanban looks like and how to implement it within a Professional Scrum environment.

The workshop includes a free attempt at the globally recognized Professional Scrum with Kanban™ (PSK) certification exam. This certification is known all around the world and shows you’re skilled in this area. It’s a big achievement for your career.

This workshop will be delivered by authorized Professional Scrum Trainer. 


The Professional Scrum with Kanban workshop is designed for experienced Scrum Practitioners who have a good understanding of Professional Scrum and a desire to learn how to implement Kanban practices with their Scrum Teams. The workshop is particularly beneficial for:

  • Scrum Masters who want to learn how flow, flow metrics and other Kanban practices can help them and their Scrum Teams improve how they work in Scrum
  • Professional Scrum Practitioners with a desire to improve their current practices and who are interested in learning how Kanban practices can help them and their teams improve

Topics Covered

  • Understanding and Applying the Scrum Framework
    • Empiricism
    • Scrum Values
    • Scrum Team
    • Events
    • Artifacts
    • Done
  • Developing People and Teams
    • Self-Managing Teams
    • Facilitation
  • Managing Products with Agility
    • Forecasting and Release Planning
    • Product Backlog Management
  • Developing and Delivering Products Professionally
    • Continuous Quality
    • Continuous Integration (CI) /Continuous Delivery (CD)
    • Optimizing Flow
  • Complementary Practices:
    • Kanban Practices
    • Agile Metrics for Kanban.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand flow and Kanban practices from the perspective of the Scrum Team
  • Explain how Kanban practices can be used to improve flow within a Sprint
  • Increase transparency by helping the Scrum Team visualize their Workflow
  • Use data to create a Scrum Team’s Service Level Expectation (SLE) for use in improving delivery predictability
  • Apply the concept of flow and Kanban practices during Scrum Events
  • Assist the team in overcoming common flow challenges by actively managing WIP.


  • No prerequisites
  • Taking this workshop is highly recommended.

Exam Information

  • $200 USD per attempt – not included with the training
  • Passing score: 85%
  • Time limit: 60 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 45
  • Format: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, True/False
  • Free Credly digital credential included
  • Practice Assessment: Scrum with Kanban Open
  • Passwords have no expiration date, but are valid for one attempt only
  • Lifetime certification – no annual renewal fee required.

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