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Success Skills Development Program for Talents

Success Skills Development Program for Talents Workshop
Duration: 10 sessions x 0.5 day (3 hours each session) for 6-12 months
Language: English / Putonghua / Cantonese
Face to face or virtual instructor-led training

Additional Information

Workshop Description

  • To enable new hires to develop essential success skills in the business environment so as to elevate their performance and productivity within the organization.
  • New hires will be equipped with essential success skills through the series of training sessions for the development of:
    • Communications skills
    • Personal leadership skills.

Target Audience

  • New hires
  • Junior members (high potential) of the organization.

Workshop Outline

  • Success Skills session: 0.5 day (3 hrs each)
  • Client can choose of the following standard curriculum and/or optional topics to fit their company requirements and specifics:
  • Standard Curriculum
    1. Interpersonal Skills and Communications Styles
    2. Client-centric Communications (Part 1)
      • Client-centric Communications introduction
      • Whole Brain Thinking
      • Elevator Sales Pitch
    3. Client-centric Communications (Part 2)
      • Conflict resolution
      • Speak the client’s language
      • Active listening
    4. Story Telling & Presentation Skills (Part 1)
    5. Presentation Skills (Part 2)
    6. Presentation Skills (Part 3)
    7. Resilience
    8. Neuroscience
    9. Design Thinking
    10. Emotional Intelligence
  • Optional Topics
    1. Innovation for technical leaders
    2. High Performance Team and Influence at all Levels
    3. Master Problem Solving Techniques
    4. Build Trust & Consultative Relationship
    5. Negotiation Skills.

Learning Objectives

Good for organizations who has plan to look for the part of the Success Skills development program for new hires and/or high potential junior employees which aims to provide a platform for them to develop their skills on communications and personal leadership for their skills and career development in the company and at the same time enhances their productivity and development.

This workshop can be customized and contextualized to meet the needs of the participants and teams.

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