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Relationship Quotient (RQ)-based team building workshop

Relationship Quotient (RQ)-based Team Building workshop
Duration: 1 day
Language: English / Putonghua / Cantonese

Additional Information

Workshop Description

Learn How to Build a Workplace Where Relationships Thrive

Doesn’t it seem like some managers and teams always make “it” happen, no matter what “it” is? They’ve mastered the secret to getting consistent, stellar results despite changing roles, goals, accountabilities, structures, or even new team members. They transform the stumbling blocks of conflict and misunderstanding into opportunities to accelerate their success. For these high-achievers, building and sustaining collaborative relationships is priority one. They understand that members of their team can go further together than they can alone. The good news is that you, too, can leverage the power of relationships and drive results.

In this up-on-your-feet, learn-by-doing workshop, you’ll discover how to:

  • Communicate effectively with your teammates and clients so you can achieve mutually beneficial results
  • Know your strengths and deploy them at the right time for the right reason for greater effectiveness
  • Increase people’s commitment to and responsibility for achieving shared outcomes
  • Assume a greater sense of ownership for producing results
  • Collaborate with members of your team to make the best decisions for your organization
  • Create a Results Action Planner for a high-stakes situation you are facing right now

Before the Workshop

Core Strengths® is powered by the Strength Deployment Inventory 2.0 (SDI 2.0). This award-winning, scientifically validated assessment provides four views of you. It reveals why you do what you do, and how you relate to others. Using Relationship Intelligence (RQ), the SDI 2.0 provides a common language for understanding what’s important to the people around you, and how you can work together more effectively. It provides tools for choosing the right strengths to make the right decisions, even in high-stakes situations.

SDI 2.0 Shows What Drives You

The SDI 2.0 maps three intrinsic motives people have for acting how they do:

People — a drive to help and develop others

Performance — a drive to direct action and achieve results

Process — a drive to establish clear and meaningful order.

The unique way you prioritize People, Performance, and Process places you in one of seven Motives regions on the SDI Triangle. Beyond behaviors and strengths, your motives describe who you are at the core and show why you do what you do. The SDI 2.0 powers the RQ you need to make better choices and use your strengths to improve your interactions with others.

Core Strengths Team Building Workshop

SDI 2.0 Higlights Your Strengths and Overdone Strengths

The SDI 2.0 reveals the way you prioritize 28 strengths. By analyzing the results, you’ll gain insight into the broader range of strengths you can draw on during a given situation. This knowledge will enable you to make better choices when working with different people.

The SDI 2.0 gives you and your team unique, personalized insights needed to:

  • Take personal responsibility for results
  • Develop innovative solutions
  • Make better decisions
  • Navigate opposition and conflict
  • Strengthen relationships within your team
  • Manage the strengths you might overdo

During the Workshop

  • Interactive lessons to improve Relationship Intelligence
  • Insightful discussions to improve collaboration
  • State-of-the-art tools that deliver your personalized results
  • Compelling videos showing strengthsbased communication in action
  • Hands-on exercises that let you practice the skills essential for working better together

What's included?

  • Core Strengths
    • Results Action Planner
  • Assess Motives: When Things are Going Well
    • Three Core Motives
    • Assess Motives
    • Results – Motives
    • Assessing MVS
    • Team Triangle
    • Know the Difference (Opposition vs. Conflict)
    • Opposition vs. Conflict?
    • Engage Opposition, Prevent Conflict
  • Assess Motives: When There is a Conflict
    • Assess Motives in Conflict
    • Three Stages of a Conflict Sequence
    • Group Triangle
  • Bring the Right Strengths: Know Your Reasons
    • Strengths & Motives
    • Strengths at Work
    • Strengths Portrait
    • How I See it
    • Strengths and Reasons
  • Bring the Right Strengths: Prevent Overdoing
    • Strengths Can be Overdone
    • Overdone Strengths
    • Overdone Strengths Portrait
    • Conflict Triggers
    • Strength Management
  • Communicate in the Right Style
    • Know your audience
    • Strengths Monument
    • Communication Challenge
    • Communicate in the Right Style.

This workshop can be customized and contextualized to meet the needs of the participants and teams.

The main difference between this workshop and other team building workshops is that after a certain time we will hold an additional session. Team building should not be a one-time workshop that takes place once a year. This should be a permanent action to build a team.

Your Action Planner

You’ll leave the workshop with the knowledge and skills critical for making effective decisions for your high-stakes situations—including a Results Action Planner tailored to a specific situation you’re facing.

Your plan will detail a situation that:

  • Is critical to you and your organization
  • You are currently facing as a manager
  • Involves working closely with other stakeholders
  • Has measurable outcomes

The Results Action Planner focuses on:

  • Your current reality and the critical decisions you need to make
  • Who your stakeholders are and what drives their priorities
  • What actions you need to take with your stakeholders to create the best possible outcomes
Your Action Planner

Beyond the Workshop

To help you extend the learning beyond the classroom, you’ll be able to access Relationship Intelligence anywhere, anytime. With the Core Strengths Platform, you can now develop and nurture collaborative and effective relationships with anyone in your organization. 

Supporting Resources

As a Core Strengths Workshop attendee, you’ll receive key resources to support your learning:

  • Core Strengths Learner Guide (Digital and Print versions)
  • Strength Deployment Inventory 2.0 (online assessment, personal videos and reports)
  • SDI Quick Guide to Communication
  • Results Action Planner
  • Boost your RQ on the Core Strengths Platform
  • Complimentary guest access to one SDI 2.0 assessment (with Platform access with personalized videos and reports for the guest)

Organizational Impact

After decades of research, we’re driven by one central reality: lasting results are the product of resilient relationships. So, we’ve devoted our entire mission to helping leaders and organizations develop Relationship Intelligence (RQ): the science of relationships and how to improve them.

During the Results through this experiential workshop, our goal is to give your organization a common language and actionable insight where you can:

  • Improve Collaboration: Leverage differences and build trust to overcome innovation-killers while rapidly achieving goals.
  • Build Better Teams:  Teams with resilient relationships achieve breakthrough when others breakdown. Teams with high RQ shape the conversations that solve problems and get work done.
  • Coach for Performance:  Turn managers into effective coaches. Core Strengths’ real-time RQ insight elevates the manager-team relationship, allowing them to rise to challenges and respond to opportunities, together.

Bottom line, that elusive “it” factor is Relationship Intelligence (RQ). It is teams who know how to speak each other’s language and show up with the right strengths for the moment — all while staying true to their intrinsic motives and values. That’s “it”. So if results are your goal, let relationships be the glue. That’s RQ.

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