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PMI Construction Professional (PMI-CP)™

PMI-CP™ Certification
Duration: 4 days
4 Modules Included:

  • Module 1: Construction Project Communications
  • Module 2: Construction Interface Management
  • Module 3: Construction Scope and Change Order Management
  • Module 4: Construction Contract and Risk Management

Language: English / Putonghua / Cantonese
Remote live instructor-led interactive certification training

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Project Management


Project Manager


The PMI-CP credential, which stands for PMI Construction Professional, is a project management certification targeted at construction industry professionals. Introduced in February 2023, this qualification aims to equip construction project managers and practitioners with the ability to effectively handle the ever-growing complications in the construction domain, according to the Project Management Institute.

The PMI Construction Professional (PMI-CP)™ certification is designed to serve as credible validation of your expertise and practice related to overseeing construction ventures. If your goal is to showcase your capability in guiding and maintaining large, intricate infrastructure undertakings on schedule, then pursuing this accreditation would be worthwhile! 

Why Earn the PMI-CP™ Certification

  • Elevate your Leadership: PMI-CP™ certification sharpens your communication, active listening and commitment-based management skills – all of which empower you to elevate your leadership
  • Empower Innovation and Sustainability: PMI-CP™ certification instills the necessary skills to adapt to current industry dynamics and sustainability demands.
  • Stay Current in Your Industry: PMI-CP™ certification gives you what you need to stay up to date with current technologies, materials and communication.
  • Future Proof Your Career: PMI-CP™ certification allows you to cultivate “future-proof” skills that help you excel in a dynamic construction landscape.

Topics Covered

Module 1: Construction Project Communications

Understand the principles of effective communication, including how to overcome cultural communication differences.

  • Importance of effective communications
  • Building a communication strategy and plan
  • Managing stakeholder communications
  • Active listening
  • Establishing appropriate governance structures
  • The Big Room (Obeya)
  • Commitment-based management (CbM)
  • Project Management Information Systems
  • Evidence-based communications and CII’s Compass Diagnostic Tool
  • Work through real-project scenario’s and case studies
  • This module ends with an assessment to confirm your understanding, earning you a microcredential badge.


Module 2: Construction Interface Management

Achieve Mastery of Effective Interface Management 

  • Interventions throughout the project life cycle
  • Apply key project interfaces and aspects of IM that lead to project success
  • Employ the IM maturity model
  • Leverage the project interface risk impact (PIRI) matrix
  • Apply the interface complexity assessment tool (ICAT)
  • Work through real-project scenario’s and case studies

Module 3: Construction Scope and Change Order Management

Learn to take control of scope creep and effectively manage change orders in large projects.

  • Business objectives and performance outcomes to drive scope
  • Setting the project up with a clear scope to ensure all Stakeholders are bought in
  • Scope evaluation tools
  • Scope management and governance
  • Put in place an effective change order process
  • Technology supporting scope management and change orders
  • Work through real-project scenario’s and case studies


Module 4: Construction Contract and Risk Management

Learn how to prioritize project risks so high impact risks can be managed effectively. You will learn about different contract types and selecting the appropriate project delivery methods to mitigate project risk and limit project disputes and claims.

  • Contract life cycle
  • Contract and delivery method strategies
  • Risk management
  • Common causes of claims
  • Managing claims and disputes
  • Capstone

How to Earn PMI-CP™ Certification

Earning the PMI-CP™ certification is a rewarding step in your construction management career. Getting to the finish line involves hitting a few milestones, first. But it’s worth it.

PMI-CP™ Certification Milestones

  • Step 1: Complete Four Course Modules
  • Step 2: Make Sure You Have Relevant Work Experience
  • Step 3: Apply to Take the Certification Exam
  • Step 4: Prepare for and Take the Certification Exam
  • Step 5: Maintain Your Certification
  • Step 6: Become a PMI Senior Construction Professional (PMI-SCP)™ (Optional)

PMI-CP™ certification eligibility requirements

You need 3 years of on-the-job experience (within the last 10 years) in construction projects or built environment projects to qualify for the PMI-CP certification exam, so make sure you have the required work experience before you apply.

Agilizing Limited is a PMI® Authorized Training Partner (ATP)

This designation is given exclusively to training organisations who have been thoroughly audited and examined by PMI to guarantee the quality of their test preparation meets the highest standards.

Authorised Training Partners (ATP) are specifically picked by PMI to provide their exclusive content to prospective certification holders. They can offer their students with PMI-licensed materials that are not accessible to the public or provided by non-ATP trainers.

Agilizing has persisted in pledging excellence and building self-assured, highly qualified project managers. With our in-depth PMP® courses, we follow PMI standards to guarantee content quality and consistency. We guarantee a high standard of quality that is consistent throughout our PMI courses when we state that our instructors follow PMI’s ATP criteria. Our in-depth expertise of project management and our eagerness to share it with aspiring PMs earned us this ATP accreditation.

Agilizing Limited is a member of the PMI ATP Program. PMI does not specifically endorse, approve, or warrant ATP’s products, courses, publications, or services.

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