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Mentoring Program for Leaders

Mentoring Program for Leaders Workshop
Duration: Day 1 and Day 2 mentor enablement sessions (3 hours each)
Mid term-review with mentors (end of month 6): 1.5 hours
Language: English / Putonghua / Cantonese
Face to face or virtual instructor-led interactive training

Additional Information

Workshop Description

  • To enable identified mentors (managers or future leaders) to play the role of mentors with the aim to develop the skills of junior employees to elevate their performance and productivity.
  • Mentors will be equipped with essential mentoring skills through:
    • Enablement sessions
    • Mid-term review with peer mentors (Zoom): 1.5 hrs
    • Conduct survey with mentees and mentors:
      • Mid-term: mentee survey
      • End-term: mentee survery and mentor survey.
    • Program design and customization of Mentoring Program for Client’s specifics:
      • Learner centered design
      • Class engagement activities for learning
      • Videos, handouts, kitting materials (Mentor workbook, Mentor and Mentee Agreements, survey questions and reporting).

Target Audience

  • Team leaders
  • Existing first line managers
  • Leadership potentials

Workshop Outline

  • Enablement session of mentors: Day 1 and 2 sessions (3 hrs each)
  • Client can choose of the following standard curriculum to fit their company requirements and specifics:
  • Curriculum A
  • Day 1
    • Working across generations
    • Communication styles
  • Day 2
    • Giving & receiving feedback
    • Story telling
  • Curriculum B
  • Day 1
    • Cross generations on the workplace
    • Communication styles
    • Feedback – appreciation & evaluation
    • Triggers
  • Day 2
    • Coaching skills – questioning and listening
    • GROW model of coaching
    • On-the-spot coaching
  • 1 mid-term review with mentors (Zoom): 1.5 hrs
  • Conduct survey with mentees and mentors
    • Mid-term: mentee survey
    • End-term: mentee survey and mentor survey
  • Program design and customization of Mentoring Program for client’s specifics

Learning Objectives

Good for organizations who has plan to look for the leadership development program which aims to provide a platform for future leaders and existing managers to prepare and enable them to play the role as the mentors of the junior employees for a recommended period (6-12 months) for their skills and career development in the company.

What's included?

  • Mentor Enablement and Mentor Program Execution
  • Mid-term Review (end of Month 6)
  • Kittings and videos 
  • Mentor Workshop
  • Mentoring Agreement
  • Mentee survey
  • Mentor survey
  • Certificate of mentor program enablement completion.

This workshop can be customized and contextualized to meet the needs of the participants and teams.

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