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Liberating Structures

Liberating Structures Immersive Workshop
Duration: 1 day (7 hours)
Language: English / Putonghua / Cantonese
Remote live instructor-led interactive training

Additional Information

Workshop Description

Liberating Structures is a collection of 33 practical and proven techniques designed to engage people in a group setting. These techniques can be applied in any context where people collaborate, whether it’s in a professional work environment, hobby meetings, workshops, or networking events.

Liberating Structures boosts up team morale, fosters innovation, and increases the sense of pride individuals have in their work.

Liberating Structures synergize with the following:

  • DevOps – engineers & admins working together to better the system
  • Agile – LS is an effective set of facilitation techniques
  • ITIL – connecting together the 1st, 2nd and 3rd lines of support and other experts.

Why invest in Liberating Structures?

Benefits of Liberating Structures

Liberating Structures comprise 33 facilitation and engagement techniques that, when used, have the power to transform your company’s culture into one of collaboration and innovation. By investing in Liberating Structures, you will witness these techniques becoming a catalyst for change in your company’s journey. By engaging your people in innovation and ideation, you will have a broader range of possibilities to explore and experience boosted morale within your workforce.

  • improved teamwork
  • better morale
  • increased innovation
  • more problem-solving capacity
  • humane work environment.

There are several barriers that hinder your ability to reach your full potential when it comes to innovation:

  • Use of inefficient facilitation methods: Brainswarming, for example, is outdated and inefficient.
  • Disengaged workforce: Your workforce requires engaging workshops to address this issue.
  • Lack of resources: You actually have the resources you need; you just need an effective approach to tap into your creative innovation potential.
  • Resistance to change: By utilizing Liberating Structures, you can actively engage people in the change process and minize resistance.
  • Fear of failure: Failure should be seen as a learning opportunity. It’s better to fail in a safe environment before investing significant resources into an initiative.

Topics Covered

  • 1 hour of theory delivered by the instructor​
  • The remaining time will be dedicated to practice, practice, practice! During the immersive workshop, we will practice 8-10 techniques, depending on the available​ time.

Learning Objectives

  • Your people will acquire the ability to apply the techniques practiced during the workshop in a practical way within your own business​.
  • Say goodbye to boring meetings!​
  • Engage your people and eliminate disengagement!​
  • No more wasted time!​​​

Experiment, adopt, adapt and improve​

With Liberating Structures, it is now possible to engage people in innovation and problem-solving, fostering creativity that will bring a return on investment for your business. By actively involving all individuals, there is a greater likelihood of achieving the innovative solutions you have been seeking.

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