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Design Thinking Foundation

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Job family

Product, Project, DevOps SRE


Product Manager, Product Owner, Business Analyst, Designer, Project Manager

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Workshop Category

Agile Product Management

Workshop Description

This Design Thinking Foundation workshop is designed to introduce the fundamentals of Design Thinking, including Human Centered Design philosophy, the Design Thinking Process and Design Method, which are the keys to implement Design Thinking for innovation. We will explore the 5-steps of Design Thinking Process, how it guides us through from Problem Owning to Designing a winning Value Proposition. Participants will understand what are the design methods categories and what are the corresponding design methods. Lastly, we’ll understand the integration of customer centricity and design thinking with the persona canvas, empathy map, customer journey, and user journey mapping.

Learning outcomes

  • 1.1 Introduction  
  • 1.2 Human Centered Design Philosophy 
  • 1.3 Reframing Problem 
  • 1.4 History of Good Design & Critical Design Theory  
  • 1.5 The Design Thinking Process 
  • 1.6 POV & Design Principle 
  • 1.7 Intro to Design Method 
  • 1.8 Design Thinker Role in Business 
  • 1.9 Design Method Examples 
  • 1.10 Summary on Design Method 
  • 1.11 Prototyping in Design Thinking 
  • 2.1 Integration: Customer Centricity & Design Thinking 

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