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Best Practice of Defects Prevention & Test Driven Development

Best Practice of Defects Prevention & Test Driven DevelopmentWorkshop
Duration: 2 days (6 training hours per day)
Language: English / Putonghua / Cantonese
Remote live instructor-led interactive certification training

Additional information

Workshop Description

Workshop Objectives

  • Systematically learn the knowledge of defect prevention and test driven development
  • See trainer’s actual practice results and demos of Defects Prevention and TDD, build deeper understanding of both theories and practices 
  • Step by step experience with trainer for an entire progress of how to design and implement Defects Prevention & TDD in actual project
  • Make clear which roles should be involved to contribute to Defects Prevention and TDD, and each role make clear the collaboration model and hand-off criteria.

Target audience

  • Agile coach/Project manager 
  • QA/QC managers
  • QA/QC engineers
  • Developers.


  • This training is an advanced level workshop, we assume that participants have already had some quality/testing experience or awareness, or the participants had some actual IT project experience. So there will be no basic concept or theories introduction like what’s QA/QC
  • This workshop will be more beneficial for experienced IT guys who are suffering some actual project pain points related to quality, productivity, efficiency, or quality team career development, etc.
  • For entry level QA/QC/Developer or new graduates, we suggest another workshop “Stairway to Quality Engineer Excellence” as the pre-learning of this workshop.

Topics Covered

  • The general design and purpose of Defects Prevention & TDD
  • Triangular Working Model: PO – Dev – QA
  • Testing Coverage Assurance
  • Automation & TDD
  • Data mining and Testing Big Data
  • Build and grow Automation testing team.

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The vision of Agilizing Ltd. is to democratize learning for IT and Agile professionals. This training is an advanced training with real-life scenarios and hands-on experence shared. Join us for a unique learning experience.

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