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Behavior-driven Development for Product Owner

HKD 4,800.00

Behavior-driven Development for Product Owner Workshop
Duration: 7 hours
Language: English / Putonghua / Cantonese
Remote live instructor-led interactive certification training

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Job family

Product, DevOps SRE


Product Owner, Developer/Tester

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Workshop Category

Agile Software Engineering

Workshop Description

Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) is a well-known practice for collaboration and teams use it to bridge the gap between product management and the software development team. It is also very popular among quality engineers to develop test automation frameworks.

As a product owner you’re the one responsible for the success of the product and, for you, software development is all about the user. You don’t want to see the code; you want to see that the software works for the user in the way you intended.

In practising BDD, you’ll drive product development by specifying your requirements for the software in the language of the business, so that everyone understands.

User stories and related scenarios are developed in collaboration with developers and testers by having conversations — outlining what you need the software to do in different ‘real world’ situations and what the expected outcome or action should be. All relevant stakeholders should be encouraged to ask questions to clarify their understanding of the related, defined examples, so that a set of agreed user stories are ready for development work to begin. From this point on, you’re starting to avoid the risk of rework caused by a lack of shared understanding of requirements. 

Naturally, you’ll want to make it practical for everyone on the agile team to get on with their job in alignment with that shared understanding. We all know that things can change as the project evolves, and it’s great to have everything [or: all of our workflows] in sync and everyone up-to-date. 

Behavior-driven development for Product Owner is a one day workshop prepared by Agilizing. 

Why understanding BDD is important?

  • Strong Collaboration. Thanks to the shared language, product owners, developers, and testers all have in-depth visibility of the project’s progression.
  • Shorter Learning Curve. Since BDD is explained using very simple language, there’s a much shorter learning curve for everyone involved.
  • High Visibility. Being a nontechnical process by nature, behavior-driven development can reach a much wider audience.
  • Rapid Iterations. BDD allows you to respond quickly to any and all feedback from your users so you can make improvements to meet their needs.
  • BDD Test Suite. Similar to adopting TDD, adopting BDD gives your team confidence in the form of a test suite.
  • Eliminate Waste. BDD allows you to clearly communicate requirements so there’s less rework due to misinterpreted requirements and acceptance criteria.
  • Focus on User Needs. Satisfied users are good for business and the BDD methodology allows user needs to be met through software development.
  • Meet Business Objectives. With BDD, each development can be traced back to the actual business objectives.

What is BDD for Product Owner?

  • Present business prospective
  • Drive product development by specifying requirements in the language of the business, so that everyone understands.
  • User stories and related scenarios are developed in collaboration with developers and testers by having conversations.

What are the key learning outcomes?

  • Understand the fundamental principles and practices of BDD
  • Understand key differences in TDD and BDD
  • Understand living documents and importance of living documents
  • Understand roles and responsibilities on a BDD team
  • Understand why and how 3 amigos sessions help in having less ambiguous requirement.

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