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The Learn Now Pay Later Scheme is a financial support program specifically designed for individuals in the in-between job status. Agilizing firmly believes in lifelong learning, and the period of looking for a job should not be seen as a setback, but rather as a strategic moment for learners to reflect, unlearn, and relearn. During this time, one can gain a clear direction and pursue their aspirations with determination.

We celebrate the intrinsic motivation of humans to learn new things, advance ourselves, and evolve. The LNPL Scheme is not a gimmick, but a realistic aid for those who are eager to learn now while pay later under the trust system of the LNPL Scheme.

Who is eligible for this scheme:

Our finance support scheme is designed to assist individuals who are in a transitional phase between jobs. This scheme is not available to everyone but is specifically targeted towards those who require a certification or additional training in order to secure a new position or advance their career. Our goal is to provide financial aid to help these individuals obtain the necessary qualifications that will enable them to land a job or move into a better employment opportunity.

Zero payment before the class?

All training providers, like us, must bear a license fee for each certificate training per individual. Therefore, to kick-start the training, you only have to cover the external license fee before the training starts. We will discuss the payment scheme with you before the training, and you will be paying after the training according to the mutually agreed terms and conditions. The payment you are going to pay next is the actual training fee.

How should I make the payment afterwards?

Option 1: Until you start your new job – You need to settle the payment within 2 months after you have started your new job.

Option 2: Pay in 3 instalments 30 days after the class – The first instalment should be settled within 30 days after the class. The second instalment should be settled within 30 days after the due date of the first payment, and the third instalment should be settled within the next 30 days.

The beneficiaries of this scheme should contact Agilizing when they start a new job and settle the payment. Agilizing values relationship, collaboration, and the trust between each of us, which foster more possibilities and beauty in the world. By signing the gentlemen’s agreement with Agilizing under the LNPL scheme, you are being trusted to adhere to the agreement.

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